English Language Development
Mrs. Jackson ~ Room 210 ~ **Rossanda_Jackson@dpsk12.org** ~ (720) 423-7008Office Hours: before school, lunch, or after school (make an appointment).

Course Description: ELD is a year-long course designed to aid students in learning to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. Students participate in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Class work will consist of ELD textbook lessons; grammar exercises, reading for vocabulary acquisition and other projects to increase English comprehension.

Materials: TJ planner, ID, loose leaf paper, composition book, pencils, blue/black and red pen.

Text Book: Hampton-Brown: Edge - Reading, Writing, and Language

Website: http://www.hbedge.net

*Class begins when the tardy bell rings—students must be in their seats.
*Students are expected to be respectful of themselves, the teacher, peers, and the
classroom. Absolutely NO foul language or put-downs.
* Cell Phones and ALL electronic devices must be kept turned off and out of sight.
*No food or drink—water is okay.
*Be prepared with all necessary materials

Attendance: Students must attend school regularly and on-time.

Make-Up’s: Students will be allowed as many days absent, plus one day to make-up missed work (Ex: If a student is absent 3 days, they would have 4 days to make-up the work).

Late Assignments: Late work will NOT be accepted and will result in a zero for the assignment with the exception of excused absences, IEP's, and 504's.

Plagiarism: (please refer to student handbook)

Grades: A combination of homework, class assignments, projects, class participation, attendance, quizzes, and tests. All assignments will be graded on a point score basis.

Grading Scale:
A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = Below 60%